Copy your Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) Credentials to Teak

In order to send notifications to your game on Android, Teak needs your Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) credentials. These can be found on the Firebase console.

We will be copying the values from the Firebase Console and pasting them in the Teak Dashboard.

You will need the following accounts to complete this step:

  • An account on the Firebase Console with an Editor or Owner role and access to your game

  • An account on Teak with access to your game

Find your Android Push Credentials on Firebase

  1. Go to your Firebase Console and open the project for your game.

  2. Click the gear icon in the upper left corner, and click Project settings.

    firebase dashboard
  3. Now click on Cloud Messaging.

  4. Make sure that Cloud Messaging API (Legacy) is enabled; those are the settings that Teak uses.

    Enabling Cloud Messaging API (Legacy)

    If the legacy API isn’t enabled, proceed with these steps to activate it.

    1. In the Cloud Messaging API (Legacy) section, click on the 3 vertical dots. ⋮

    2. Click Manage API in Google Cloud Console.

    3. In the new tab that opens, click Enable.

    4. This will load the API/Service Details page. After the page has loaded, close this tab.

    5. Return to the Firebase Console page and refresh the page.

    6. Cloud Messaging API (Legacy) should now be enabled.

    firebase notification settings
  5. Locate the Sender ID and Server Key values.

Copy the Sender ID and Server Key to Teak

  1. In the Teak Dashboard for your game, navigate to Settings  Android.

  2. Copy Sender ID from Firebase to the FCM Sender ID in the Teak Dashboard.

  3. Copy Server key from Firebase to the FCM Api Key in the Teak Dashboard.

    teak android gcm settings
  4. Click Save to confirm your changes.